Al Haj K.S. Mohammed Masood  Ex-M.L.C
Former Chairman -Karnataka State Minorities Commission

'Education begins with life' said Benjamin Franklin. Not all educated cater to the needs of society. Next to the noblest profession teaching, nursing stands out among all. It is the most intimate interaction, between patients and the nurse, when the nurse reaches out to them in their helplessness, regardless of their stature, culture or education.

A nurse is a woman or a man, who dedicates unconditionally, life, time and worldy desires to be among the sick and the dying. There are myriads of unsung heroines and heroes among nurses, apart from Florence Nightingale who have soothed, cared and served the needy. They are always able to relate with a smile to the different psychological levels of those suffering, even enduring the harshness of the patients or their people.

Nursing its nature is unconditional reference to patients, Sacrifice with a smile, integrity to work and non-challance. It is a gift of society.

My sincere hope is that our nursing institution instills a spirit of character building among the students and teachers reaching out to the needs of the sick, with true faith in the Healer. For, while God heals, doctors treat, medicines cure, nurses care. No one can become a nurse, unless one walks in the shoes of a patient, feels the pain and has both sympathy and empathy for them.

A desire to serve, the dedication to work and determination to care will make one a good nurse.